FAQs and Troubleshooting

1 - Ensure that there is a common ground between the ESC, RX (receiver) and afterburner controller. This is easily accomplished by using the same battery to power all three units. 

2 - The afterburner units are tested and developed with Spektrum receivers. Other brands of receivers may be used with the afterburner controller as long as they provide a PWM throttle signal and 5 VDC to the afterburner controller via the throttle connection. 

3 - There is no programming or calibration required for the afterburner controller. It is a plug and play system. 

4 - The standard balance lead is a 6S connection. However the afterburner controller is pulling power from four of the cells. Do not rewire the balance lead connector or move any of the pins. This will damage the afterburner system. 

5 - For a dual EDF TrueFire or BlueFire LED setup only one afterburner controller is used.