Smart Throttle Configuration

The newer Eflite BNF versions have a Smart Throttle feature that allows for telemetry data to be sent from the ESC to the receiver (RX). This connection is not a traditional pulse width modulated (PWM) signal. It is a serial connection in order to provide the telemetry data to the receiver. 

Pilots have had success with adding a second receiver and binding it to the transmitter. This second receiver is then used for the throttle signal to the afterburner controller. Using the second receiver also allows for the retention of Reverse Throttle in the original BNF receiver (factory programming). Using a non telemetry receiver (example - Spektrum AR620) will allow a PWM signal for the afterburner controller. 

To help with a second receiver setup we offer a Y cable that has two male connectors (one to each receiver) and a female connector to accept the ESC throttle connector. The signal wire is removed for the second receiver. 

Link to the dual receiver Y cable is here -

Another setup method is provided below:

In order to use the TrueFire or BlueFire afterburner controller with the plane you will need to change the setup in the receiver. Doing this will not allow for the transmission of the telemetry data from the ESC to the receiver and ultimately the transmitter. The plane will still function as normal with the exception of the ESC telemetry feature and reverse thrust. 

Here are the steps to allow the operation of the TrueFire or BlueFire controller with the plane without the telemetry data from the ESC. You will need to connect a Y cable to the TrueFire control throttle connection and the ESC throttle connection. 

Change the aileron to channel 1 and the throttle to channel 2. You access this in a Spektrum transmitter via

Step 1 System Setup

Step 2 Channel Assign

Step 3 RX Port Assignments

Step 4 Move Throttle to Channel 2

Step 5 Move Aileron to Channel 1

Step 6 Move the Aileron connection to Channel 1 on the receiver. 

Step 7 Move the Throttle connection to Channel 2 on the receiver and using a Y cable connect the TrueFire controller and ESC. 

A picture of this setup is provided below. 

Standard setup


Altered setup