BlueFire LED Afterburner

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Dual - one single motor mount with two LEDs - used for single motor dual exhaust port planes - F18, Rafale, etc

Twin - two separate motor mounts with LEDs - one for each EDF motor - F15, Migs, J11, etc

LED afterburner with flickering effect on startup and increased brightness during the throttle sweep. Afterburner comes on at 30% throttle. No additional radio (TX) programming is required to achieve the realistic afterburner effect. This is a plug and play system. 

Includes a 3D printed motor mount, 20" extension wiring from controller to LED, connection to a 6S battery balance port and receiver. We can offer a 4S version if desired. Just let us know. 

An integrated Y cable is provided with the controller to split the throttle signal from the receiver (RX) and provide it to the afterburner controller and the ESC. 

The controller itself weighs 18g.

The dimension listed is for the outside diameter of the motor. The unit can be attached to the motor using a zip tie, Gorilla tape or FoamTac glue. See photos for more information. 

Installation instructions:

1) Remove the motor per the manual instructions. 

2) Attach the afterburner LED unit to the rear of the motor using FoamTac Glue. Tighten zip tie and add Gorilla tape if desired. Trim the zip tie end that is longer than needed. 

3) Route the LED wire to the battery compartment.

4) Connect the LED wire to the TrueFire LED controller.

5) Connect the ESC lead to the Y splitter. One end goes to the receiver throttle port and one to the TrueFire LED controller Throttle connection. 

6) Connect the TrueFire LED controller Battery connector to the balance lead of the battery. 

7) Power on the plane and the transmitter. Make sure your plane is secure prior to adding throttle input. Give it throttle and enjoy the TrueFire! It gets really good around 30% throttle input. 

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Works perfectly, easy installation

Amazing Product with PHENOMENAL customer service

This true fire blue afterburner is the exact touch my plane needed. I've seen the videos but none of them do it any justice for how good and looks and resoponds when installed. I was hesitant at first but I couldn't have asked for a better experience with this product or Larry. He ensured that I had the right product for my application and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. Don't hesitate if you're on the fence! Get the product you're looking at from 5280RC. You won't regret it. I sure dont!

Shaun Zimmerman
Looks incredible

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the BlueFire Afterburner from 5280 R/C. It is well designed, easy to install and configure, but most of all I think it is the most realistic looking simulated afterburner available. Customer support is amazing with 5280 with prompt replies to questions via Facebook Messenger. Check out my photos and videos of my 5280 products here;