Freewing F22 64mm TrueFire LED Afterburner

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Afterburner mount works with the stock Freewing 64mm V1 outrunner (PN 2836-3300KV) edf as well as the Xfly (PN 2840-KV3200) edf. 

We also have a version that works with the F22 V2 outrunner motor (PN 2840-2850KV). Select this option via the Style drop down menu and the V2 option. 


TrueFire - Random flickering from 30% to 50% throttle to simulate the afterburner lighting/turning on. From 50% throttle to 100% throttle the afterburner gets brighter with full brightness at 100% throttle. 

Select-A-Fire - adjust the throttle position where the main Orange LED turns on.  The ability to turn on and off the flickering effect is also provided. 

No additional radio (TX) programming is required for the Flicker effect. This is a plug and play system. 

Includes a 3D printed motor mount, 20" extension wiring from controller to LED, connection to a 4S battery balance port and receiver. 

An integrated Y cable is provided with the controller to split the throttle signal from the receiver (RX) and provide it to the afterburner controller and the ESC. 

The controller itself weighs 18g. 

Afterburner mount with LEDs weighs 21g. 

The dimension listed is for the outside diameter of the motor. See photos for more information. Installation instructions:

Installation instructions:

1) Remove the motor per the manual instructions. 

2) Position the afterburner mount to the EDF assembly. You will need to glue the afterburner mount to the EDF assembly. Make sure that there is sufficient clearance between the motor and the afterburner mount. CA glue works well. Use activator to reduce the set and dry time. 

3) In order to place the motor and afterburner in the fuselage you will need to remove foam from the fuselage. See the pictures for more information. 

4) Route the LED wire to the battery compartment.

5) Connect the LED wire to the Flicker LED controller.

6) Connect the ESC lead to the Y splitter. One end goes to the receiver throttle port and one to the Flicker LED controller Throttle connection. 

7) Connect the Flicker LED controller Battery connector to the balance lead of the battery. 

8) Power on the plane and the transmitter. Make sure your plane is secure prior to adding throttle input. Give it throttle and enjoy the Flicker! It gets really good around 30% throttle input. 

Additional information - we have had good success with increasing the afterburner effect by lining the exhaust ports with Nashua light weight duct tape (Flexfix UL181B-FX). Home Depot carries it for $15 a roll and it will last you a life time.

We are using the brightest and lightest weight LEDs we can source that fit the smaller form factor of the 64mm EDFs. The duct tape helps increase the intensity of the LEDs.



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great Addition

Great addition to my 64mm F-22, Install was simple and straight forward, and adds a nice touch of realism to any EDF.
5280's customer service is Top Notch. Once order was placed item was on its way the next day, a couple of question's and all were quickly addressed by Larry. The initial release (this was a new version) had a slight hiccup a week or two after it was installed and the light wouldn't turn off. Once again I reached out to Larry and he quickly responded to me and informed me that he had to redesign the controller for that unit and had the new version off to me the very next day free of charge. Installed the new control it took care of the issue. Very happy overall with the products and they're customer support. I will certainly reach out to them the next time I'm in need of another TrueFire afterburner ....